Extinction Illness: A New Illness Calls Physicians and Therapists to New Diagnosis and Treatment

“After the election in November 2016 and then the inauguration in January, there was a sharp increase in the number of people who seemed to be taken down by illness. Some of those illnesses were life threatening.”   Karen Mutter, DO, “Jaguar Medicine,” Dark Matter:Women Witnessing. 

Mutter’s is an astute and essential observation generally missing from medical literature.  She is referring to the ways that global conditions create physical, mental and spiritual illnesses in individuals. They are unrecognized “pathogens” and medical doctors aren’t trained to respond to this on-going corollary and consequently conventional medical treatment is insufficient and off the mark. 

It is the responsibility of medical and mental health practitioners to recognize Extinction Illness, to understand the causes of the plague of illnesses, personal and social, that we are suffering and to respond appropriately on behalf of the individual and society. An essential confusion underlies the experience of illness when we are led to believe it is an individual rather than a collective event. This is not only about naming a new illness but, about how we treat (meet) such conditions.  

The philosophy underlying medical practices has a significant influence on culture. In some ways, medicine creates culture. Incorporating this understanding of the direct relationship between global conditions and individuals’ physical and mental health is critical at this time in history and can in itself be a powerful medicine for all patients and for all Life.

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